Light Truck Tyres

Bridgestone's Light Truck Radial Tyres are considered among the very best in the world, and the Dueler range is synonymous with the Bridgestone marque.


The Tyres sold in Sri Lanka have been specifically designed for South Asian markets, taking into account road conditions, most common application and weather. Our range caters to Japanese van customers - with two patterns for popular Japanese vans (613V and R623), as well as our D694 Dueler All-Terrain pattern for proud owners of SUV's for whom exceptional performance in wet, muddy, gravel, off-road, and on-road driving in addition to the experiential aspect of driving are prime concerns.


Bridgestone no longer produces Bias-ply (Cross Ply) Tyres.



Featured Tyre

DUELER A/T694 (D694)



The A/T D694, was a 2006 addition to the legendary Dueler line-up. The D694 soon became the bench-mark in Light Truck and 4x4 tyres, with excellent off-road capability without compromising on-road comfort and low noise. When you’re on the road, the D694 provides a smooth, quiet ride thanks to its DONUTS technology, and an advanced tread block design for a longer, stronger life. And when you want to go wild, a puncture resistant spiral cap layer and unique side wall protection means they will not let you down.


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
195/80 R15 D694 RBT (Japan) 61,263.00
215/70 R16 D694 RBT (Japan) 62,991.00
215/80 R16 D694 RBT (Japan) 68,499.00
225/75 R16 6PR D694 OWT (Japan) 72,036.00
255/70 R15C D694 RBT (Japan) 95,202.00
31x10.50 R15 6PR D694 OWT (Japan) 78,624.00
32x11.50 R15 6PR D694 OWT (Japan) 99,927.00
33x12.50 R15 D694 OWT (Japan) 69,201.00




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