Truck & Bus Tyres

Bridgestone Truck & Bus Tyres are stringently tested in many conditions, in order to suit the requirements of markets around the world. The tyres sold in Sri Lanka have been specifically designed for tropical and developing country markets.


Highly durable Radial Tyres are meant for Cement, Water and Petroleum bowsers, as well as Tourist Buses primarily used on the major roads in Sri Lanka.


Our range is for longhaul cargo and bowser applications as well as luxury touring buses who are concerned with performance, cost per kilometer, lower fuel consumption through efficient heat dissipation and lower rolling resistance, minimum downtime and long tyre life.


Bridgestone is an approved original equipment supplier to virtually all of the major truck and bus manufacturers in Western Europe, including Mercedes Benz, Renault, Volvo, Scania, DAF and Iveco. Bridgestone Europe's supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) are practically always available for fitment on request. It's this customer-oriented approach that has made Bridgestone tyres the best option for all your truck models. The Autodrome PLC now has the best Truck and Bus Tyre Centre in Sri Lanka, at Ekala, well out of Colombo city limits to avoid traffic congestion when sending us your long haul vehicles.


Featured Tyre




G611 is the standard recommended pattern for Truck and Bus Radials (both Tubed and Tubeless) in Sri Lanka. It is a mixed pattern, and is suitable for all purpose use both on and off-road.


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
1000 R20 16PR G611Z TCF (Thailand) 129,411.00
11 R22.5 16PR G611Z T/L (Thailand) 107,433.00
1100 R20 16PR G611 (TYRE ONLY) (Thailand) 114,885.00
1100 R20 16PR G611Z TCF (Thailand) 121,122.00




A discount is applicable on these tyres! We have special discount schemes for credit cards, loyalty cards and more. Please contact us or our dealers.