Bridgestone is the largest tyre company in the world. The famous brand name headquarters are in Tokyo's Chuo-ku, and also has the widest range of tyres, suited for all markets. The Original Equipment fitment list reads like the Who's Who of Vehicle Manufacture.

The Autodrome PLC has been Authorized Distributor in Sri Lanka since 1954, which makes us the third oldest international Distributor in the world. Bridgestone is the most recognised and most prestigious brand in the country.


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New Patterns

Turanza T005A (T05A)



Turanza T005A offers an exceptionally comfortable driving experience for both short and long distance journeys. This flagship tyre features variable pitch that reduces pattern noise and high-angle sipes that are fine-tuned to soften tyre impact on the road leading to less road noise. In addition, the improved tyre contact shape and reinforced sidewall help reduce vibrations. Through Bridgestone's advanced tyre technologies and various on-the-road tests, Turanza T005A is designed and developed to be equipped with an optimised contact shape that ensures consistent contact pressure on the road to reduce shock and impact noise for better comfort. Turanza T005A has also been improved at the molecular level, with Bridgestone introducing an exclusive Nano Pro-Tech™ compound for this tyre. The new compound is engineered to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer to increase the contact area, resulting in reduced heat generation and energy loss, leading to better wet performance and safety. Lastly, chamfering on the tyre prevents deformation and ensures even contact with the road for improved braking performance. This i a replacement market product, which succeeded the previous Turanza T001.


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
215/55 R16 T05A T/L (Thailand) 102,833.00
215/55 R17 T05A T/L (Thailand) 120,359.00
225/45 R17 T05A T/L (Thailand) 112,424.00
225/50 R17 T05A T/L (Thailand) 150,880.00
225/50 R18 T05A T/L (Thailand) 106,145.00
225/55 R16 T05A T/L (Thailand) 118,404.00
225/55 R17 T05A T/L (Thailand) 130,203.00
235/45 R17XL T05A T/L (Thailand) 148,971.00
245/40 R18 T05A T/L (Thailand) 152,674.00
245/45 R17 T05A T/L (Thailand) 127,949.00




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ECOPIA EP300 (EP300/EP30/EP3A)



"When You Want It All" - The latest ECOPIA EP300 is an eco-tyre featuring improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life. Delivers Fuel Efficiency, Safer and Superior Wet Grip, and Longer Lasting than before. Through extensive testing, the low rolling resistance of EP300 proved to increase mileage by 11km per tank. Constructed using Bridgestone's cutting edge compound, the NanoPro-Tech(TM) is a high dispersing silica that reduces energy lost. The inclusion of this compound boosts better grip and has shown significant improvements in wet performance, which is an important factor for drivers in tropical countries such as Sri Lanka. The lower rim sizes have 3 grooves (EP30), and the higher rim sizes have 4 grooves for greater road holding and stability (EP3A).


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
175/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 66,792.00
185/55 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 62,560.00
185/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 74,382.00
185/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 64,262.00
185/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 69,069.00
185/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 61,341.00
195/50 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 80,086.00
195/50 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 89,286.00
195/55 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 77,993.00
195/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 96,278.00
195/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 66,217.00
195/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 72,427.00
195/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 67,620.00
205/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 82,731.00
205/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 92,115.00
205/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 82,823.00
205/65 R16 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 71,599.00
215/50 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 134,688.00
215/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 73,646.00
215/55 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 83,076.00
215/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 75,877.00
215/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 79,672.00
225/45 R17 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 103,592.00
225/50 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 106,858.00
225/55 R17 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 98,095.00
245/45 R18 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 129,122.00




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ALENZA 001 (AL01)



Complement your SUV with the all-new ALENZA 001 to bring out the best in your dynamic driving experience. It is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort. No matter the journey, ALENZA 001 is designed for power and pleasure. Bridgestone Australia


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
225/60 R17 AL01 T/L (Japan) 146,855.00
235/50 R18 AL01 T/L (Japan) 178,296.00
235/50 R19 AL01 T/L (Japan) 178,871.00
235/55 R17 AL01 T/L (Japan) 163,875.00
235/55 R18 AL01 T/L (Japan) 203,113.00
235/55 R19 AL01 T/L (Indonesia) 152,214.00
235/55 R19 AL01 T/L (BSJ OE) (Japan) 232,116.00
235/60 R18XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 174,018.00
235/65 R17XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 129,122.00
235/65 R18 AL01 T/L (Japan) 159,436.00
255/45 R20 AL01 T/L (Japan) 248,860.00
255/50 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 260,521.00
255/55 R18XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 199,709.00
255/55 R19XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 263,304.00
255/55 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 208,121.25
255/60 R18XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 143,520.00
265/45 R20 AL01 T/L (Japan) 298,856.25
265/45 R21 AL01 T/L (Japan) 328,698.75
265/50 R19XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 359,467.00
265/50 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 201,997.50
275/40 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 293,767.50
275/45 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 323,552.50
275/45 R21XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 339,422.50
275/55 R19 AL01 T/L (Japan) 207,230.00
285/50 R20 AL01 T/L (Japan) 242,046.25
285/60 R18 AL01 T/L (Japan) 201,503.00
295/35 R21XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 411,585.00
315/35 R20XL AL01 T/L (Japan) 412,505.00




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Featured Tyre

Potenza S007A (ES07)



Incorporating technologies such as 3D-M SHAPED SIPES and the KEVLAR FLIPPER & HYBRID SPIRAL, every detail of this high-performance tyre has been calibrated to deliver maximum control and response, on both dry roads and wet. Beyond an exhilarating drive, the POTENZA S007A will also go the extra mile with enhanced durability. Now that is the true Anatomy of Performance.


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
225/40 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 192,280.00
225/40 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 232,185.00
225/45 R17XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 285,016.00
225/45 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 343,574.00
225/45 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 177,744.00
225/50 R18 ES07 T/L (Japan) 162,173.00
225/55 R17XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 262,338.00
245/40 R17 ES07 T/L (Japan) 171,511.00
245/40 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 187,680.00
245/40 R20XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 373,796.00
245/45 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 336,214.00
245/45 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 224,020.00
255/35 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 195,316.00
255/35 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 268,479.00
265/35 R20XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 307,326.00
275/35 R18XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 399,165.00
275/35 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 411,723.00
275/35 R20XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 471,523.00
275/40 R19XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 348,220.00
295/30 R20XL ES07 T/L (Japan) 373,543.00




A discount is applicable on these tyres! We have special discount schemes for credit cards, loyalty cards and more. Please contact us or our dealers.


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