Business Prospects



If you want to be a dealer for our existing range of products, do contact us.

Website Development

Our IT Division provides low-cost fast roll out websites for individuals and companies.

Office Space

Our head office building, and the second office building at Union Place, has space for rent.
For more details, please do contact us.

Customised Europe Tours, Ticketing, Travel Insurance, Hotel Bookings & Tours

Please contact our subsidiary Tourama (Pvt) Ltd for your travel requirements.

B2B Trading Operation

We welcome your proposals for joint venture and B2B trading operation opportunities here in Sri Lanka as well as export-oriented initiatives. Our extensive customer base and relationship with trade chambers and the business community means that we may be able to help you with logistics here in Sri Lanka.


We kindly advise that our Directors do not attend non-Bridgestone seminars overseas.
Please E-mail us with your proposal.