ECOPIA EP300 (EP300/EP30/EP3A)



"When You Want It All" - The latest ECOPIA EP300 is an eco-tyre featuring improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life. Delivers Fuel Efficiency, Safer and Superior Wet Grip, and Longer Lasting than before. Through extensive testing, the low rolling resistance of EP300 proved to increase mileage by 11km per tank. Constructed using Bridgestone's cutting edge compound, the NanoPro-Tech(TM) is a high dispersing silica that reduces energy lost. The inclusion of this compound boosts better grip and has shown significant improvements in wet performance, which is an important factor for drivers in tropical countries such as Sri Lanka. The lower rim sizes have 3 grooves (EP30), and the higher rim sizes have 4 grooves for greater road holding and stability (EP3A).


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
175/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 32,724.00
185/55 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 30,645.00
185/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 31,482.00
185/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 33,858.00
185/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 30,051.00
195/50 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 39,231.00
195/50 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 43,767.00
195/55 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 38,232.00
195/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 47,196.00
195/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 32,427.00
195/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 35,478.00
195/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 33,129.00
205/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 40,554.00
205/60 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 45,144.00
205/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 40,581.00
205/65 R16 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 35,100.00
215/50 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 66,015.00
215/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 36,099.00
215/55 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 40,716.00
215/60 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 37,179.00
215/65 R15 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 39,042.00
225/45 R17 EP300 T/L (Indonesia) 50,760.00
225/50 R17 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 52,380.00
225/55 R16 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 44,604.00
225/55 R17 EP300 T/L (Indon/Thai) 48,087.00
245/45 R18 EP300 T/L (Thailand) 63,288.00




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