Dueler A/T D697 (D697)



As the successor to the very popular D694, the Dueler A/T D697 has been tested torturously in the harshest Australian outback and found to have superior wear life and better resistance to cutting and chipping. This tough all terrain tyre also delivers better durability, less irregular wear and reduces noise in both new and worn condition.


Available Sizes for above pattern

Tyre Size Price
205 R16C 8PR D697 RBT (Thailand) 51,759.00
215/75 R15 6PR D697 OWT (Indonesia) 51,678.00
215/80 R15 D697 OWT (Indonesia) 63,801.00
225/70 R15 D697 RBT (Thailand) 64,449.00
225/70 R15C D697 OWT (Indonesia) 68,310.00
235/75 R15 6PR D697 OWT (Thailand) 77,625.00
235/85 R16 8PR D697 OWT (Indonesia) 80,001.00
245/70 R16 D697 OWT (Indonesia) 83,322.00
255/70 R15C D697 RBT (Thailand) 77,841.00
255/70 R15C D697 RBT (BSJ OE) (Japan) 90,612.00
255/70 R16 D697 OWT (Thailand) 61,371.00
255/70 R16 D697 OWT (BSJ OE) (Japan) 92,772.00
255/70 R16 EHL1 T/L (Thailand) 51,975.00
265/65 R17 D697 RBT (Thailand) 88,290.00
265/70 R15 D697 OWT (Indonesia) 92,907.00
265/70 R16 D697 OWT (Indonesia) 109,323.00
275/65 R17 D697 OWT (Indonesia) 88,776.00
275/65 R17XL 8PR D697 OWT (Japan) 99,711.00
275/70 R16 D697 OWT (Japan) 71,577.00
285/65 R17 8PR D697 OWT (Japan) 93,906.00
30x9.50 R15 6PR D697 OWT (Indonesia) 58,644.00
31X10.50 R15 6PR D697 OWT (Indonesia) 80,973.00




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