Enhance your Online Presence with us !


Simply give us your formatted pages (like this one, text only) and some other digital content like photos, and we will develop your website for you.


If you have the digital content that you want put up, a working website with a deadline of "tomorrow" is not an impossible dream.


Our offer includes:

* Free POP3 Email Accounts, which you can check directly from your email client or through a web interface. (Note: we do not offer ISP services. We recommend SLTNet Broadband services for this purpose).

* Ultra-Fast access with domain name servers and Linux hosting services in the USA, connected by T3 lines directly to the internet backbone. No Sri Lanka bandwidth and traffic limitations

* Domain registration charges and subscription for 1 year, for the following Top Level Domains: .com, .net, .org. For .LK, domain registration will be at cost.

* Website development charges, according to package conditions

* 1 year website hosting charges

* You control your website, and can add, change, delete or make just minor modifications at will from an FTP client once the coding has been done by us.

* It is important that your website is up to date. There is no point in "brochureware" that is 1 year out of date, because no one will ever visit it. We can maintain your website throughout the year as well, if you just send us your updates by email.

* We will ensure that grammar and spelling is correct, so that your corporate image is not affected. Most often tech-oriented webmasters keep atrocious faux pas on the websites that they administer. A team will constantly click through your site, to prevent this, and also ensure search engine optimisation and that dead links are corrected or removed.


We offer 5 packages based on your individual needs. The packages are based on man-hours and the development technology used. We recommend that you develop your website according to your target user. e.g. there is no point in having Java applets and Flash introductions if your target surfers are on slow dialup connections.


5 Simple Tiered Packages

Package 1 USD 100

Package 2 USD 200

Package 3 USD 300

Package 4 USD 350

Package 5 USD 450

Package B (for Bargain)

A special rate of just USD 50 is available for non-commercial personal websites, with limited development commitment. This is the basic set up cost, without hosting. The other packages include hosting.

Government Taxes such as VAT and NBT will be added to the above prices.


We have developed or now maintain the following websites:
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To schedule an appointment, please contact us.