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Bridgestone Truck & Bus Tyres

Bridgestone Truck and Bus Tyres offer excellent wear life, road grip and low rolling resistance. We offer our valued fleetowners a Web Toolbox solution, to monitor the performance, wear and maintenance of the tyres. This can be provided free of charge for fleets which maintain a 100 percent Bridgestone tyre range in their fleet. We are pleased to offer you preferential pricing and great free tyre deals for volume purchases at one time. Call 011847443 or email for more information. If you prefer to work with your favourite dealer, we will offer you this service at a fixed service contract price

Available Sizes for above advertisement

Tyre Size Price
1000 R20 16PR G611Z TCF 164,619.00
11 R22.5 16PR G611Z T/L 136,674.00
1100 R20 16PR R187 (TCF) 154,089.00
215/75 R17.5 R156Z T/L 122,391.00
265/70 R19.5 R156Z T/L 153,306.00
295/80 R22.5 M798Z T/L 175,014.00
295/80 R22.5 R156Z T/L 149,445.00
315/80 R22.5 M840Z T/L 195,102.00


A discount is applicable on these tyres! We have special discount schemes for credit cards, loyalty cards and more. Please contact us or our dealers.